Tuesday, September 26, 2006

At least it wasn't dark, did I say?

Unfortunately, we were not to make it all the way to Hvar before nightfall.

Some 30 or so KM away, as light was getting dim, we had to come to a full stop. So did 25 cars in front of us on the shelf-like road. One side of the road at this point hugged a mountain, the other just fell away in a sheer drop into a deep valley and water. Stopping here did not seem like a good idea but as I say, we had to.

In front of us, a van trying to go west met a truck trying to go east on this tiny road and in a severe miscalculation the van had veered too close to the right side of the road. Two of its tires went over the edge. The truck driver had immediately jumped out and with a rope lashed the van to his truck so it would not slip further.

With the road completely blocked in both directions, we drivers had no choice but to park --in the middle of the road -- and get out. We picked sage, smelled lavender, strolled up the line of traffic to see the accident and the still-shaken drivers and we waited.

It was nearly dark by the time police arrived.

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