Thursday, September 07, 2006

These shoes are NOT made for walking

Women in Sarajevo wear the most stupid shoes. They are uncomfortable and virtually cripple the women who wear them. I am constantly amazed at the sight of women loaded down with bags, climbing up flight after flight of stairs, traversing cobblestones and rushing against traffic in these silly "stikla" that have no heels, elf shoe-length points and stilleto heels.

Miranda wears them all the time and trys to convince me they are comfortable. The red spots on her toes tell me otherwise, plus she needs to use her mother like a crutch leaning on her when walking up some of the hills around here. "Why do you wear those things?" I am always asking. "You cannot walk!"

Dona, holding up her daughter, answered once dryly, "Yes, but she looks pretty."

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