Monday, September 11, 2006

Why Bosnians don't hike

Fikret said he rarely gets Bosnians on his tours and though we passed through amazing country that should have been full of nature lovers and sunbathers if not with other hikers, it was almost empty.

Bosnians, he said of his countrymen, first have been so occupied during and since the war with things like finding a job and repairing their lives they have no time for outdoor recreation and nature. He also has a theory that Bosnian, mostly of rural and agricultural backgrounds, are less enthralled with nature that we foreigners. They, he said, walk around Sarajevo feeling the same way we did in that magnificent surrounding, saying, “Ah, look at this, isn’t it something!”

Of course, Boki says this is all bunk. Only foreigners, he said, would agree to pay 30 KM ($18) for a guide when you can walk into the woods by yourself.

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