Saturday, October 14, 2006


Even the sparrows were aflutter over the apple strudel with real whipped cream served at Schronnbrun Palace. One bird with cream smeared on his bill walked onto our table and marched toward my plate. Good luck, birdie!

Chocolate cake almost too pretty to put a fork in

I made a pilgimage to Hotel Sacher, the shrine of dessert, place where Sacher torte was invented. It was a front-page story a few years ago when Starbucks opened an outlet a block away from this premiere Vienna cafe. Karen wouldn't let me go to Starbucks. I personally believe there is room for both!

They know how to do coffee and dessert in this city.

Cakes are mini works of art. Chocolates, strudel, cappucinos, layered cakes. I did serious carbo-loading there and I am still dreaming about some of these dishes.

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