Wednesday, November 29, 2006

BIG cat paws

A funny photo of fog-bound Sarajevo making the internet rounds. The TV Tower is atop a mountain and one of the highest points around the city.

They say that when you are reduced to discussing the weather you really have nothing to say. But the only thing we have been talking about here lately is the weather, specifically, the FOG.

I've never seen fog like this although maybe residents of London and San Francisco would be blase about this thick, soup-like mist that is cold and isolating in a very weird way. Walking home at night you cannot see beyond your feet and it feels likea rainstorm has been stalled in the middle of falling.

Obviously the airport is mostly shut down. Traffic moves very slowly and they had a shrink on radio the other day advising people with depression or other mental illness to stay inside or they could be driven over the edge.

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Dino said...

Ah, that is a fantastic photo! I live know in Denmark and we have fog here, too, but from now and than I really miss Bosnian fog...
As you described it so nicely, it is a special feeling. :)

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