Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fast food fantasy

I love this story that MSNBC was running this week about a cat named Baby in Duluth that is 35 years old. The world record according to Guiness is 37. Its owners have a picture of Baby, purportedly it's the same cat, with a date of 1979 stamped on it. Anyway its owners say the secret of their cat's longevity is the occasional Cheese Doodle they let him indulge in.

If there's anything to this theory I could end up out-living my grandmother, who lived to 101.

My friend Jennifer has a theory that the preservatives in junk food also preserve the humans who consume it. Think about it, she says, all those people who insist on natural and fresh and then die early?

Cheese Doodles, the key to long life. Send more!

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