Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The long hard slog through winter begins today

Except for when I lived in Florida, I've always hated Jan. 2. All the best holidays of the year are over and now there is nothing ahead for months except unrelieved cold and frozen precipitation.

Sure enough, the day dawned murky and gloomy with a downpour that morphed into sleet and then snow.

But oh, those clever Bosnians. I arrived at work today and found I was ALONE. Because Bajram and then New Year's Eve both fell on weekends which they have off anyway, they took TWO weekdays off too.

Man, I get teased about my American work ethic as it is. Wait till they hear about this.


ah11123 said...

Nothing to look forward to?? How about a week in Hawaii?

Richard said...

three weeks since your last.
Everything OK out yonder?


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