Friday, September 07, 2007

Nomad again

I kept wishing and wishing to be able to move out of my room at the Belvedere Hotel after more than three weeks. And today (9/6) I got my wish.

No, I'm still in Tunis. Still without a visa.

But, with many apologies, my friends at the Belvedere told me that the night of 9/6 they were fully booked and had been for ages. They could not find a space for me, so they had booked me into the Ambassador Hotel for a night.

They let me leave my suitcase and I only had to schlep an overnight bag and my laptop around the block like a sweaty bag lady. They gave me mint tea as I checked out and apologized multiple times.

The Ambassador is not so nice, but it's across from the park where the reindeer are, so what can you do? You make do. The view from the little balcony was very nice.

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