Saturday, November 03, 2007

Farewell to Salah Eddine

Saleh Eddine was hard to say good-bye to also, along with Del and Nadir. Hawley and I barged in on him in a meeting this morning 11/1/07 and made him pose for a final picture. He took off his glasses and made out like a big shot. We are sending him a cropped, close up version, but I like this one showing him in the office too. The night before -- our last in Algiers -- he accompanied us on a final shopping spree downtown. Hawley loaded up on mirrors, jewelry, painted boxes and when her Algerian Dinars ran out, she got a shop keeper to accept American dollars so she could buy a dress! SEB chuckled through it all, bought us each a colored glass lantern like they have in the Kasbah and asked one jewelry store owner if Hawley was his best American customer.
(She was insulted when he said, no, there's actually another American woman who buys a LOT of jewelry."

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