Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Love notes from Algeria

I got all kinds of email today from old co-workers and friends in Algeria and I am struck by how warm and almost even mushy they are. An editor from a paper where we worked signed off "lots of kisses." A colleague greeted me "Ah, my love."

Is this a French influence? How do I respond? Darling? Sweetie?

Someone snooping in my email might think I'm having affairs with lots of Algerian men. Ha.


WCBike said...

Hi Rosemary,

This email is a voice from the distant past. It's Bill Cook, Frank's friend from high school. Heard about the divorce. Sorry. Sounds like you are leading an exciting life. All the best.

Rosemary A. said...

Hi Bill Cook, thank you for the note. You are right about sadness and excitement. Funny, my mother, who is in the market for new car insurance, asked me if the Bill Cook from high school was the same one in an ad she'd seen. I didn't know, but if so, call and you can make a sale. 518 459 7095.

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