Friday, November 23, 2007

A striking presence on another continent

Del has arrived for a stay in Sarajevo and I'm not surprised that his presence commands notice here as it did in Algiers. Maybe more in this city that went to war over differences among people.

Walking in Bascarsija, the old Turkish bazaar section of town which is now the major tourist center, a couple of young boys stopped dead and stared at this tall black man. Del just smiled and said hi, as always.

"Hel loh, mo ther fuc kah!" once yelled out and they giggled. We had to laugh too.

"I think I've been pegged wrong again as an American," he said.

He has since had other interesting encounters and made friends in the Bascarsija. I think he could be the best customer Kaiser bakery has ever had since he stops there mornings and brings in pastries for the hole CIN staff. He came in today unburdened, however. It seems the beggars have targeted him. He handed out cherry tarts and croissants to them.

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