Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mean wind

All day today 12/3 I have been in a horrid mood, snapping at people, losing my calm. Even I hate me. I thought this was probably something to do with stress of getting out a project and moving internationally again. But Eldina, one of our staffers, informed me, no, it was the wind.

The wind? I foresaw some Bosnian folklore. When a heavy wind blows out of the south from Croatia people all act crazy, she said. It happens every year, the wind just makes you nuts.

This turns out to have some validity. Bora -- like mistrel in French -- is a heavy, mean-spirited wind that sweeps in and over the Balkans. It dramatically changes the weather patterns when this happens so mood change is possible.

Also runny noses. Most of us in the office have these, as well, Damit all!!

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Rosemary A. said...

from Barbara R:

ahh -- finally coming home! We as a country are really happy.

I can only imagine that it must be difficult... hope you have a good
week and a safe trip.

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