Monday, December 10, 2007

Our heads -- and stomachs -- are getting very big

CIN staffers meet their newest award

The Award for Journalism Integrity went to CIN today (12/9) and we duly celebrated with cake, of course.

Transparency International of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an anti-corruption advocacy organization here, gives out the prize, which you don't apply for. You have to be nominated and we were the only news organization in the running this year, they told us.

From the press release: Boris Divjak, chairman of the Board of Directors of TI BH and member of the international Board of Directors of TI said:

“Investigative reporting in a “captured country” such as BiH, where journalists are targets of attacks even from state institutions, requires high professional standards, extraordinary efforts at investigation and analysis as well as a high level of personal bravery. The Award for Journalism Integrity represents public gratitude and acknowledgement of the individuals and organizations that have distinguished them in this field.

“The Award is also a show of support for independent and professional investigative journalism that works for the public benefit. The Center of Investigative Reporting’s uncompromised and systematic work gathering and analysis of information has provided the citizens of BiH the possibility to learn if the officials they elect actually work for their best interests,” Divjak said.

“Without complete information about the government’s work there would be no responsibility of the government toward the citizens,” the chairman said. “Publishing this information is the biggest contribution that media could make to the society. The Center for Investigative Reporting won based on the topics they selected and explored in depth. I would like to thank CIN for their work, on behalf of Transparency International. By its definition, investigative journalism deals with issues of the highest public interest, and the Center for Investigative Reporting has proved that again with its work.”

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