Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tivoli Gardens

I was thrilled to find that Tivoli Gardens is directly across from the Central Train station and headed there from the airport as my first tourist stop.

Did you know it's an amusement park? I was thinking flowers and trees in bud and instead found this old-world carnival. Tivoli inspired Disney but is no match for its high-powered rides, costumed characters and size. Disney seems to have inspired Tivoli officials about pricing, however.

Miranda insisted on going into the park because she'd never been on a roller coaster. I thought I'd done my duty with the boys on hellish rides but how could I say no to someone seeking a new experience? The Demon has two loops and a set up where your feet hang down dangling from the seat, but it's pretty tame compared to the amusement parks my kids led me to. So I was fairly complacent as Miranda howled and clutched at the safety harness.

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Anonymous said...

Hey - it's not Xmas but almost Father's Day. See you finally got to Denmark which we very much enjoyed visiting. Stayed at Tivoli Gardens till midnight and it was still daylight. Been to Borneo and New Guinea but never Thailand so you're up on me. Still haven't been to Croatia but thinking about South America. Ever been there? Regards - Bud

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