Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Media consulting

I stopped doing short-term consultancy and training back in 2004 when I began living overseas and I've since forgotten all the dangerously ego-stroking perks of that job. These have included here being treated like an authority, being listened to intently, being put up in a luxury hotel where the breakfast buffet is served along with harp music -- while poor Chisinauans rummage for survival in the garbage bins behind the Leogrand, and being feted at formal receptions.

After a public policy forum today (6/3/08)on investigative journalists and public authorities working jointly to combat corruption we were invited to a "fourchette."

Fourchette? That was the word on the English agenda. It said the same on the Romanian.

Fourchette is French for "fork" and the event turned out to be a buffet of what Americans would call finger foods. "Oh," I was told, "this is very common here. Moldovans like to eat."
So do media experts.

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