Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pastries in my life

I am hoping Jo-Ann, the person in our family who truly loves to cook is reading, or Jessica, her daughter who is a multiple winner of the family annual Christmas cookie party contest, are reading.

Here are two sweets worth baking. Not that I've tried, but I've become adept at eating them. To the left, see hurmasica -- honey drenched, almond filled cakes popular in Bosnia especially at Bayram. To the right, see riccharelli, a rich almond treat from Siena, which falls into Jo-Ann's goal of mastering the art of Italian cooking, and could be Jessica's next winner.
At any rate, I found the best recipe on a great blog they should know about anyway called Over a Tuscan Stove. Check it out at http://divinacucina.blogspot.com

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