Tuesday, July 22, 2008


You couldn't find a newspaper in the city today and in cafes, offices and on the streets, buzzed with talk about the surprise arrest of "the most hunted war criminal." Oslobodenje (Freedom), the newspaper that came out every day of the siege in Sarajevo, ran the story over the full front page.

At work, and I bet this was the same around town, we huddled around the computer terminals of colleagues who'd dug up new details or updated photos of Karadzic. Foreign journalists were all over town interviewing siege survivors and getting reaction to the uhapsen (arrest).

As details came out about how he hid out in plain view in Belgrade, practicing as a doctor of alternative medicine for more than 12 years, the biggest question of the day was a variation of "Would you have recognized him?" The bear-like, lion-maned wartime president had now was a thin, bearded, white-haired shadow of his old self.


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