Sunday, August 10, 2008

Curiosity about the world

Zahid spent a year a few years back on a fellowship in the US. He traveled a lot through the northeast and Washington and Florida.

I wondered if he got a lot of questions from people when they found out he was from Bangladesh. It's not a country many Americans know much about, including me.

No, he said, actually people asked about his origins and when they heard Bangladesh they pretty much said, oh. And that was it.

He was brought into several classes to talk about his home country and kids had a lot of questions, he said, but they were oddly US-oriented.

His favorite was "How many Pepsis can you buy for a dollar in your country?"

(And the answer, which mightily impressed young Americans, was seven!

A few years later with the dollar doing poorly, it's down to about five Pepsis for a dollar.

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