Friday, August 01, 2008


Crowds of teenagers have always hung out at the front entrance to our building. When I first came I found it intimidating, then quickly realized that they had no interest whatsoever in mature women usually toting a laptop case or bags of groceries. I just plowed through them even when they were slouching against the front door.

There were annoyances but nothing major. The front poor glass was kicked out once, a small litter fire was set near the garage. Every night there is loud yelling from beneath my windows. Recently I've notice the strong scent of pot -- and a skinny cigarette being passed around among the crowd that moves when I take out my key to get in the front door.

But if I have thought about "calling the police," which would be worthless here anyway here, I gave it up the other night when I heard wafting up from the front door a serenade of "You Were Always on my Mind," in young voices and perfect English. Anyone with that kind of musical taste can't be all bad.

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