Saturday, August 23, 2008

Views from the Sea Crown at Cox's Bazar beach

We stayed in the hotel closest to the beach. It was small but very clean and right on the beach. Rickshaws lined up right outside the exit trying to catch any possible tourist out for sightseeing.
Directly across the street from the hotel on the sand itself were a couple of cafes that served great but fiery hot Bangladeshi food.

But turn from the beach side view from our hotel and we looked down on some slum housing set close to shore.

I tried to shut my western eyes. It would be ridiculous to go to the Bay of Bengal and look for Virginia Beach or Fort Lauderdale Beach. After dinner we went out intending to walk on the beach. Some boys trying to see us shell necklaces stopped us on the street, though. Naheed began talking with them and they told her about how that day they'd seen a man washed out by the current and he's never come back. That happens a lot they told her. Maybe the body would show up in a day or two. (I thought of Doug's note.) As the boys and Naheed were talking her 20-year-old daughter standing near me yelped. What? I asked. And she pointed at a rat running near the sea wall. Two cockroaches that definitely met Florida standards scurried up the wall too. We decided not to walk on the beach.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't understand what you were trying to say, comparing cox's bazar with usa, or saying that you live in usa, your writing sucks man,

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