Wednesday, June 03, 2009

And another city vista -- I'll start editing out some pix soon

Listen to this while viewing: Is is the tone poem Vltava by Smetana, great Czech composer Http://

As airy and ephemeral as the views are in the city, this seems a good place to talk about Czech food. It's not light.

First, Czechs love their beer, the best know of which is Pilsner.

And with your beer you eat meat  -- especially pork. Wow, especially coming from Sarajevo I appreciated the thick, fatty bacon and pork loin that you didn't even have to chew. The cabbage salads were also great and friend potato balls. dumplings and rice and creamy sauces are common too. Bob ordered the Prague ham as appetizers which was tempting. Ann is not a big fan of this food so we also ate at one of the multitude of Thai restaurants and at Bohemian Bagal, which as you might guess, was American food.

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