Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Stained Glass of St. Vitus Cathedral

Czech glass is as beautiful as Morano, I think. If I could have carried it without breaking it I would have bought skads. Instead I visited St. Vitus Cathedral's famous stained glass windows. Each is different in design and feel. Some are stained glass commercials, which viewers of The Wire Season 2 may understand. An insurance company, for example, paid for a spectacular pane that features all the things in life that can go wrong -- and for which presumable you might need its services. Mucha did a window here as well turning his Art Nouveau babes into something like angels.

I didn't shoot photos in the Cathedral, telling myself I would actually LOOK at the windows and remember them better. This doesn't work. Pictures help me re-see things. So, like me, go to and look up this slideshow (all credit for great shots to ahisgett, the shooter). Or head for Prague. It's worth the trip.

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