Sunday, June 28, 2009

Population of Bosnia decreasing by two

have eaten cakes for every conceivable  reason over the past few years at the Center, from birthdays and new babies to graduations and recovery from illnesses. But the cake this week was for Dino who is leaving Bosnia with his wife and emigrating to Canada. He's wanted to go for years and finally secured a visa this year. We've written letters of recommendation for him, so we helped in the effort, but we are sorry to see him go. We'll miss his giggling, his ability to avoid work when it's not clearly necessary in his view, his enormous appetite. We Americans in the office -- the grandchildren of immigrants --  are amazed that he is leaving his parents (he and wife are both only children) and birth country. It's so the flip side of what we always hear about on the other side, the receiving end, of the Atlantic. 

We ate cake in the office and then threw a big party for them in Drew's apartment. I made spaghetti and meatballs and and the Samsots brought garlic bread and a giant salad and Miranda contributed kifle (rolls) and the most amazing chocolate cake I've ever eaten. There was wine and jokes and the Bosnians figured out how to smoke outside but still be part of the party by opening the balcony door and windows.

Boris took the photos, by the way. I hate that he gets better photos with my cameras than I do -- but he does share. Bon voyage Dino and Anela -- Good luck!

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