Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Prague loves animals

                                                                                       You can sightsee in Prague on foot, inside a classic car, by van or in horse-drawn carriages. The horses doing the drawing are among the healthiest animals you've ever seen -- plump, shiny and powerful. They are checked regularly by veterinarians and drivers pamper them. (I also liked how the drivers "toilet-train" their animals, positioning carriages near storm sewers so that their bodily wastes fall immediately into the sewage system not the pretty cobble stones.) 

  We knew Prague was a far cry from African tourist cities in its animal practices even before we came upon two policemen guarding an errant swan that, disoriented and bleeding slightly from a chest wound, ended up off the Vltava River (that's Moldau River if you are trying to win at Trivial Pursuit) and on a sidewalk. The cops said they were waiting for a vet to come and in the meantime were keeping the bird safe from cars and tourists swarms.

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