Monday, August 10, 2009

Baha'i again


I have to learn more about the Baha'is as I seem to keep running into them. In addition to the beautiful gardens in Kampala and Haifa, UPI, the first company I worked for that folded financially, was sold to two unlikely businessmen mostly known for being members of this new faith. And in Florida I lived on Baha'i Vista Street. What a coincidence, eh.

The Haifa Bay area is rich in Baha'i holy places. The leader of the faith was imprisoned in the the Acre Citadel and died in a mansion just outside that city in 1892. When members of the faith pray, they face the direction of that location. The gardens where he spent the last part of his life are also holy. In 2008 UNESCO put the sites on its World Heritage List.

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