Sunday, September 20, 2009

How many lobsters do you think you'd have to eat before you got sick of them?

Above see the Clam Lady who just shucked clams for us all day -- not fast enough, we kept telling her! Sister Lisa carries away her lobster dinner and her co-workers above stand over the day-long dice game that goes so well with seafood.

The annual Seafood Fest at the Polish American Community Center in Albany is a place to test that question. For $60 you get all the raw clams, oysters, chowder, shrimp, steamed claims, mussels, scallops wrapped in bacon and beer/soda and wine you can drink. Then they give you this giant lobster with clams casino, crab, sweet potato casserole and stuffed mushrooms. I think I might actually be sick of butter after this repast. One question? What's seafood got to do with Poland? I understand the Baltic Sea touches a small portion of the country, but shouldn't this be a job for the Italian Benevolent Society in town?

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