Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Celebrating with Shoes

I'm a big believer in celebrating journalistic feats and this week CIN put out its sixth project of the year. Most of us put in 13 hours on Saturday in order to wrap it all up and get it out the door. By Monday 9/25 we were all a little limp.

That's when Ida showed us her new, plush brown walking shoes and told us she'd gotten them at the bargain price of 30 KM (about $18). Gum soles good for icy conditions, nice styling that works with jeans and dressier pants. I wanted a pair. Gordana wanted a pair. Eldina wanted a pair. Alison wanted a pair.

It was a POKRET -- a movement!

Ida and Alison asked if they could go to the shoestore right away.

Well, what the heck? How many hours had we put in over the weekend? It's not like we were being all that productive anyway. So for once, what was the harm of relaxing the fabled American work ethic?

They returned with a huge bag of shoe boxes and CIN looked liked a shoe store in the midst of an end-of-the-year sale for a little while.

It was actually better than a cake and ice cream party.

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