Thursday, October 19, 2006

And speaking of flies...

I have the means to catch many.

The road to Travnik was littered with stands of honey. Jars of the stuff glowed so pretty and golden in the sun we were sorely tempted to stop.

The only thing that kept me from stopping to buy, in fact, was the jars and jars of honey home in my kitchen.

The road back to Sarjevo from Hvar a few weeks ago was similarly crowded with homemade stands set up to sell figs, pomagranites and jars of honey. Hawley and I went a little crazy, to tell the truth.

What with all the lucious flavors and shades of honey and fig jam and the exchanges in kuna and KM, monopoly money!, we over-shopped a little.

We figured out later that we'd spent $47 on honey and fig jam.

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