Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bridges over the Danube

The stone Chain Bridge

Liberty Bridge

Liberty Bridge

Budapest is the most romantic city I've ever been to -- and that includes Venice and Paris.

It was unfortunate, Karen and I agreed, that we were there with EACH OTHER.

Aside from the castles on the hills, the hot-water spas, the spicy food and racy music, Budapest has the Danube. I have wanted to walk across a bridge over the Danube since reading about characters doing this in some novel when I was a teen-ager.

It turns out you have your choice of bridges to cross. All of them were destroyed during World War II, but they have been restored, all except one. The Elizabeth Bridge was replaced with a modern suspension span that holds onto the cliffs a bit more reliably. It stands out in contrast to the old bridges. My favorite was the Chain Bridge -- with is actually stone and bedecked with gigantic lions. But the Liberty Bridge was closer to the Gellert.

There were more necking couples on the girders and draped over the sidewalk railings than in the spa.

Ja sam baksuz.

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