Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hot water on love

Pool-side view of the lover-littered spa

Berobed beside the Harry Potter elevator

If this were an actual article instead of a blog I would have to do a bunch of research about geology and curvature of the earth mathematics and explain why this is so. But the simple truth is that Hungary is the thermal springs capital of the world. Allegedly there are 1,000 hot springs in the country, 30 in Budapest alone, enough to accommodate 300,000 achey, stressed-out would-be hot-tubbers at once.

There was one drawback. The pools are filled with lovers. Considering the proximity of very comfortable hotel rooms we did not appreciate the slurping, clingy, kittenish couples bumping into us on the submerged benches as we tried to soak.

IT WON'T LAST we kept hissing at them in English they didn't understand.

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