Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Meanwhile, back in Sarajevo...

While I was traipsing all over Europe, poor Henry was left behind with Drew, who is not a real cat lover. His report in an email he titled, "Freaking Cat":

I let it out on the patio, it whines. I bring it in, it whines. It has to sit on my face basically to get the attention it needs and that is not enough. I think the cat basically suffers from abandonment issues flecked with kitty litter chunks of narcissistic personality disorders. It clearly has no compassion for the people living with it. It constantly sticks its paws in my drinking water. I know because there are little bits of paw fur and kitty litter floating around. I found paw prints all over my spagetti with a little trail of tomato sauce and kitty litter chuncks leading away from it. Before I started shutting my door, I would lay down to sleep and find that my pillow would be warm with little crusty kittly litter bits stuck to it and a little round fur ring where it was warmest. I crunch as I walk around the apartment in the morning like I've used kitty litter gravel flooring. There is hair in very odd places -- the sink faucet, spoons, salad bowls, the blender, my toothpaste. My suggestion -- kitty lithium.

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Ditch the latest snapshot, the one with the fish.

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