Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mini-Munich Vacation

Preparing sticklefish

Fish, pretzel and Weissbeer at Kirchweih Dult, highlight of trip to Munich

Some friends asked so I said yes and took off Saturday morning for a three-day weekend in Munich. (Monday was Bajram and a holiday here, for those of you who keep asking, "How much time do you get off from work!?") It is a direct 90-minute flight on Lufthansa from Sarajevo to Munich. They even serve sandwiches and drinks. It couldn't be easier.

We were on the run for the whole time, but I voted this my favorite adventure -- the Kirchweih Dult at Maria Hilfen Church. A dult is a medieval era fair and this event, held three times a year, is one of the oldest markets in the area. It combines all the best features of a fair, a midway carnival, a flea market and an antiques show.

An old Bavarian treat, I'm told, is these giant mackerels impaled on a stick and grilled over a fire until it is all flaky and tasty. I inhaled mine, according to my friends who were a little disgusted! I couldn't even eat apple fritters after this feast.

Besides eating we shopped for old prints and pottery.


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