Monday, November 20, 2006

A box from home

My friend Jennifer sent me a huge box that cost her a fortune to mail and boy was it worth it.

The cheese doodles were the best, though one bag kind of exploded and I had to pick out pieces from amongst everything else. We dovoured two bags -- one puffed, one fried -- in about 2 hours in the office and now I have colleagues endeavoring to find me Bosnian snacks that taste somewhat like this most fabulous of American inventions (ranking with flush toilets and guardrails on highways.)

Jennifer in her quest to lift me from depression sent cheery books, a nightgown adorned with leaping frogs, spiced tea, chocolate, a t-shirt that says LIFE IS GOOD with a cup of coffee on it and Predic-a-Mints, candy with I Love Lucy theme, and bisquick, real maple syrup and PAM (all right up there with guardrails on highways.)Also a picture of her cat and grape jello.

I mean who could be down after opening such a box

Thanks to Jennifer and this has prompted me to begin planning care-boxes to Byran now in Kenya and Mikey en route in January to Thailand for the Peace Corps.

All ideas of what to include are welcomed.

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