Sunday, March 04, 2007

Egypt on my mind

Clogged, busy modern Cairo

I have not stopped thinking about this trip to Egypt for many reasons. And I may not the only one. I walked to a local framemaker in Sarajevo Saturday 3/3 to drop off a papyrus print I got in Cairo. I ran into two other members of our tour group doing the same thing. Misha, the gallery owner and framer, could make a bundle on this trip. Indulge me in a few more images, starting with the new Egypt, a big contrast to the ancient and powerful ruins of the old culture.

Modern engineers and politicians measure themselves against ancient accomplishments. The High Dam in Aswan is compared to the Great Pyramid, for example. President Nasser saw this as his memorial, so signs in Aswan talk about the comparable sizes and time to build the two structures of completely unrelated functions.

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