Sunday, March 04, 2007

NYC Highlight

Cisco pedaling with Lance Armstrong and Marco hanging with the crown princes at the Wax Museum

There were many high points to Marco's 21st Birthday Weekend meeting in NYC with Cisco, Clara and Marco. We gorged on the copious hot chocolate and sweet choices at Max Brenner's, Cisco starred in a Blue Man Group performance we attended, Clara showed us an amazing shoe place where we shopped, we ate Indian food, we partied during the Super Bowl. But the surprise highlight was the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. Cisco has proposed this because he cycles past the place daily and it is, after all, the top tourist attraction in NYC. He'd never been, neither had life-long city residents Barbara and Greg. We figured, what the heck, it would be amusing for a hour or so.

We spent the afternoon. We posed with famous wax people, we watched tourists posing with wax people, we took a zillion photos. It is dizzying to go into a ballroom and find politicians, singers, movie stars and athletes all standing about looking way more real that photos show them. Cisco especially got into it, wrapping himself cozily around supermodels like they were intimate and demanding that Clara kneel in front of the Bill Clinton was model for a picture.

If you're visiting NYC, check out the wax museum.

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