Sunday, September 09, 2007

Day 25 Trapped but Alive in Tunis

The consulate took my application and fee Saturday, 9.8.07, signaling that I may soon be getting my visa. They say I can be on a flight Tuesday -- Inshallah. That little hook added to every promise that can cover anything from floods to I just don't feel like it doing it. We shall see.

So, this time when I get back to the hotel and for the first time signal GOOD NEWS, the desk clerk says, "Oh, but there is trouble there. You have heard?"

I thought she meant the attack Thursday at a presidential appearance in Algeria, but no, there was another even more deadly bombing this morning.

From MSNBC: ALGIERS, Algeria - A car bombing killed 28 coast guard officers in Algeria on Saturday, just days after a blast ripped through a crowd waiting for the president. Both attacks targeted symbols of the government as it tries to wipe out an Islamic insurgency.
Al-Qaida's North African wing claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack, according to Al Jazeera television.
The group has carried out a spate of recent bombings that have shattered the Algerian government’s efforts — successful until recently — to restore calm after a 15-year Islamist insurgency.

One news agency speculated that the booby-trapped vehicle was aimed at the port.

We recently moved office and apartments to a secure part of the city near embassies and away from government buildings and other facilities.

Algerian friends report that traffic is impossible in the city today because of a massive demonstration in support of the not-assassinated president. BBC described them as peace rallies and others say mostly women were marching.

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