Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ramadan ends

The ending, like the beginning of Ramadan is dicey. Religious officials basically take out telescopes and go moon watching. When they catch a glimpse of the crescent sliver moon -- that's the end of Ramadan and fasting and the start of the two-day festival of Eid. Fasting by law can be no longer than 30 days, but some years it is just 29 days, which is usually to be hoped for except that this year the 29-30 divide fell on a Thursday. Thursday and Friday are normal weekend days off here. So, if Eid fell on a Friday there'd be only one real extra day of holiday. If it fell on the Saturday than in addition to Thursday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday would also be holidays. The government was hoping for a Friday Eid. Bosnia and other Muslim countries decreed Friday the start of Eid. But here in Algeria, Friday was the last day of Ramadan and Eid began Saturday. Making for a lovely long weekend of visiting family, kisses and cakes.

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