Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Another Marlena tourist pick: the fabulous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art north of Copenhagen. We caught a comparative exhibit of Cezanne and Giacometti, but again, the architectural design of the galleries and grounds are alone worth seeing. Danish design. You begin to see where the reputation comes from here.

Louisiana consists of a winding series of low-level galleries that wrap around the Oresund Sea so long we had trouble making our way back out to the exit. One room consisted of blank white walls with wraparound eye-level windows onto the sea... and a diving board built into a corner. Outside a lawn sweeps down to the sea over a hill covered with sculptures. In the distance is the Swedish coast.

(A note about the name -- I don't have this officially but supposedly the museum name comes from the the names of the three wives of the first owner of the property, Alexander Brun. He was apparently attracted to women named Louise.)

Obviously too plump to have posed for Giacometti

Sculpture on the lawn of Louisiana Museum -- and cafe that turns patrons and reflections of sculpture in glass into new art objects

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