Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coping with the rainy season in Cox's Bazar

Since you can't control the weather, we always try to make plans and not let rain interfere with them. Still, rain on a beach vacation -- that took us nearly 12 hours to get to -- was a little discouraging. The locals, however, are used to rain and life went on just as if it were dry from shopping to lugging around people in rickshaws (pictures directly above and below). The rain even makes opportunities for some -- like the boys (top) at Himchari Waterfall who accost tourists announcing, "I'm a tour guide." In bad weather they also rent umbrellas. In the next picture, tide and rain sent a river-wide, thigh-high current of water cutting across Inani Beach. Entrepreneurs whipped up a relay service to carry tourists across the current out to the sea and were vocally outraged at foreigners like me opted to wade not pay.

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