Monday, August 25, 2008

End of the blogging season

So, I'm back in Albany and getting ready for my first class of the fall and that means suspension of the blog for a while. Thanks for reading and for the expressions of support. For those who commented that I'll have a lot to say if I'm asked what I did over the summer, you are right. It was my best summer ever, I think: lots of work, lots of friends, tons of travel to nine countries in three and a half months and lots to learn. I am realizing how lucky I am, though I haven't felt like that much over the past few years. But I've ended up in a far better work situation than if I'd remained at a hard-pressed US newsroom, I'm seeing the world, and I am free. Divorce seemed devastating at the time, but I now see that while I wanted adventure and travel, I was married to a man who wanted unconditional love and financial support. In the end, we both seem to have gotten what we wanted. This is no small thing.

Wish me challenging students and travels in research on my next adventure at UAlbany.  Ciao

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