Thursday, June 11, 2009

Leaders here don't hold back from displays of displeasure

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Milo Djukanovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, did not like the latest project of the Center For Investigative Reporting in Sarajevo (done with the Center for Public Integrity in Washington) which linked his personal and family business with official actions by his government that helped this business.
He said so in no uncertain terms in a press release you'd never see coming out of an American politician's office. He titled it "Montenegrin prime minister's reation with regard to lies published in some media regarding his property. 
It is at once dismissive, threatening, insulting and personal. Drew called it a classic Balkan response. It's worth reading in full in translation: 


Montenegro's public domain has been contaminated in recent days with the publication of old science-fiction about cigarette smuggling by and the illegal enrichment of Milo Đukanović. It is another in a series of lies on the same topic – the disparagement of me personally and members of my family. In comparison to others – this one is dumber, because it takes no notice of earlier denials, and even less of the final and binding verdicts issued after the lawsuits I have filed regarding similar lies.

The latest lie has been disseminated via the supposed Center for Investigative Reporting based in the US. However, the real authors are not on that side, but on this side of the Atlantic. These “local” and “regional” investigators are quoting at the beginning of the article, as the crux of their argument, the statements of local NGOs, opposition parties and reporters – the group of undying and futile hunters for “my vast treasures.”

 Where does such self-righteousness in the repeating of stupidities and the proving of the unprovable from? This political group disguised as independent journalists and the non-government sector – that I have worked illegally and at the expense of the state during my political career (obviously irritatingly long for some people)? 

I don’t believe that their inspiration stems from the ideological and political dimension, but is so predictably exploited for their petty interests which has turned “renowned investigators” and mouthpieces to disseminate proved lies to public.

That’s why I’m offering them a more profitable gig to save them from apple polishing before their sponsors: let them find that “treasure” and expose it to the public. They will do me and themselves a favor. Firstly, it is only fitting that I as “an owner” should finally see some use of these famed millions. Secondly, I am prepared to richly reward “the honest finder.”

Along with other benefits it might help save these and other similar “investigators” from misleading the public for “small money” while corrupting their profession. 

Even though I have grown tired of repeating it, for the sake of the public who is the intended audience of these tall tales, I declare one more time: until the end of 2006 my only pursuit was related to the offices I had taken and which are precisely regulated by government acts in terms of salary.

From the end of 2006 until the beginning of 2008 I was openly and legally running a private business, successful to be sure, and I have paid state dues (taxes). 

From March 2008 onwards I assumed office again. My former businesses have been stopped and all changes that have occurred from then on were related to regular payments of tax obligations.

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