Monday, July 20, 2009

Get Coppertone immediately

Here is Miranda hiking with her uncle Goran in Barice Saturday. You see how she is dressed. What you don't see is sunblock. She didn't use it and we didn't realize up in the mountains under a steady breeze just how bright the sun was. By Saturday night she was flaming scarlet and hot as an engine. And by Monday she was still suffering. I remember at one point her uncle pointing out that she was getting red and thinking, "Oh no,  I don't want to stop now," and I'm feeling guilty about it now. 

My mother and I once did the same thing to our bodies in Mexico, spending the whole day at a fabulous beach without putting on a lick of protection. We spent the next two days of vacation prostrate between sheets unable to wear a thing or endure the slightest touch -- even to scratch a mosquito bite.  I wear sunblock now walking out to dump the garbage!

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