Monday, July 20, 2009

Why Sarajevo gets into your system and draws you back

<  "You won't get it," Jane tells me. She's an artist and knows about light and perspective and stuff. And really, good as my camera is, I have not ever really captured the furry blue-green, the smoky clouds, the dizzying stone dimensions of the mountains around Sarajevo. I'm usually just reduced to ooohs and aaahs

"I'm sure there are places like this in 
America," Miranda said at one point Saturday, having had enough of my gushing. Yeah, the Adirondacks, the Rockies, of course. But to walk out of the capital city and come to this after a new minutes or a short cab ride still seems miraculous to me. 

Today I downloaded a new program that lets you stitch a series of photographs into a panorama. I wish I'd done that a few days ago because I could have taken 360 degrees of these shots and really shown you my adopted city.

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