Monday, August 10, 2009

Moon over Ramallah

Sally lives in a wealthy section of Ramallah and one of the pleasures of this trip was sipping lemoncello and eating cheese and crackers on her balcony (Renee and Sally above). The view was breath-taking.  Ramallah has boomed in recent years and now spreads out along the rims of a number of interlocking ravines. The sight at sunset of all those whitish structures in a rose sky, well, see it above for a taste.

The US view that all of Palestine is poor and destitute is obviously false. Palestinians who have earned money around the world running small businesses and saving it all have returned and are investing in the West Bank in new neighborhoods like Sally's 

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jim lawless said...

Hey, great to see you and nice to see you looking so fit and fresh. Ellers sent me this site, new to me. Do you ever see Sheridan and Llyliana in Belgrade?
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