Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Too old for skinned knees or I told you already learning Bosnian is treacherous

The past two nights I've awakened with a start shaking from dreams about violently falling down stairs. I must say I'd begun to worry about impending disaster. I've been wearing flat shoes, well buckled, avoiding steep stairs. Honestly.

So, imagine my shock when walking along a perfectly flat sidewalk this afternoon 7/10 I found myself suddenly sprawled on the ground. I'd been headed to a meeting, reading Bosnian signs along the way looking for vocabulary words and so I didn't see the uncovered ankle-deep hole in the pavement. It was filled with litter but lidless. I stepped in and fell over.

A woman came running up asking, Are you OK? and I told her, also in Bosnian, I'm all right, just stupid. She immediately switched to English and said, "The same thing happened to me last week!"

I have to look up how to say LAWSUIT in this damnable tongue.

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